A Partial-Wave/Amplitude Analysis Software Framework


The PyPWA Project
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, VA


All tutorials are written in python-notebook (Jupyter-lab is recommended to run the tutorials)

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Fitting-using Minuit

Fitting-using MCMC


Fitting-Minuit-Bootstrapping (using GPUs)

PyPWA through Docker

Simulation from Gamp output - see "Utilities"

Fitting-Minuit-from Gamp output - see "Utilities"

Example of Amplitude (JPAC sim amplitude)

Exampleof Amplitude using Cupy (for GPUs)

Example of Amplitude (New reflectivity def sim amplitude)

Example of Amplitude (General JPC/Isobar/nopol using Gamp for simulation- see "Utilities")

Example of Amplitude (General JPC/Isobar/nopol using Gamp for fitting- see "Utilities")

Downloads of some full Tutorials (including auxiiiary files, data. MC,... to run a full example in your machine)

Download Simulation example (tar.gz)


Download Fitting example (tar.gz)

Minuit Fitting

Download Prediction example (tar.gz)


Download MCMC example (tar.gz)

MCMC fitting

Download phi.eta simulation/fitting using Gamp output (phi.eta final state) example (tar.gz). It can be used as an example for more general multiparticle states (in the isobar model)

phietaFIT fitting